Friday, October 30, 2009

No Doubt - Sushi Chick

No Doubt
Sushi Chick

01 Spiderwebs 
02 Don't Speak  
03 Excuse Me Mr. 
04 Move On          
05 End It On This 
06 Total Hate
07 Sailin' On    
08 Just A Girl           
09 Spiderwebs (acoustic)  
10 Excuse Me Mr. (acoustic) 
11 Spiderwebs (Live On Jay Lenno)

12 Just A Girl (MTV Awards 200 ft. up)
13 Interview 1        

14 Interview 2        
15 Interview 3       
16 Interview 4        
17 Excuse Me Mr.(Live Dub Mix)

Excellent soundwise, but it is just a resequenced version of Live From The Pit. Several of the fades are bad as well. The CD was mastered from parts of a promo disc because it makes the same errors in titles that the cue sheet did. The first three tracks are from the On Tour promo disc, the live dub mix of "Excuse Me Mr." is simply the same version as Live From The Pit. Not a bad addition to a collection, but would be worth it to hunt down the original promo discs for these broadcasts. This disc was later put out by a different company with a different cover and title as Don't Speak.


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